Team Building

"A team is always the result of pursuing a demanding performance challenge." say Jon R. Katzenbach and Douglas K. Smith in The Wisdom of Teams. People learn how teams work when they go through challenging experiences together. That's why we enrich our programs with engaging indoor and outdoor problem solving challenges.

Participants practice the team leadership skills they need to learn and feel the real excitement and frustration, at times, of reaching or not reaching challenging goals together. The synergy that your team members feel as they struggle to improve performance carries back to the workplace. All activities include insightful debriefings on how players performed as a team and active inquiry into the real connections between their actions here and their actual dynamics on the job.

Before we design your custom program, we gather feedback and perspectives from an online team survey to identify team strengths and issues that get in the way of high performance. This allows us to build your program around your specific issues and opportunities for growth.

“Gerri and Joe were excellent facilitators. They were dynamic. They made you think while still having fun. The session was energizing and helped me get to know my colleagues better.”
— Alison Honey, Human Resources Director, Taminco