Leadership Strengths

Most people underestimate or under use their true strengths. Leadership Strengths is a one-day course with follow up and coaching based on the series of Gallup's best-selling books including Strength-Based Leadership by Tom Rath and Barrie Conchie. Gallup studied more than one million work teams, conducted more than 20,000 in-depth interviews with leaders, and interviewed more than 10,000 followers around the world to ask exactly why they followed the leaders in their life.

Leadership Strengths includes an in-depth analysis of your key strengths and focuses on how you can recognize and put them to use. Good leaders need to be results oriented, visionary thinkers with excellent communication skills and the will to follow through. Yet, in all of Gallup's studies, researchers never identified one leader that had strengths in all of those areas! For that reason, the course focuses on how to build winning teams around a diversity of strengths.  It looks at the positive benefits you can attain by focusing on the strengths of your direct reports and others, leading to more engaged employees, greater productivity, and results.