Improve your leadership fast with a personalized one-on-one coaching and development process with our highly experienced team as your mentors. Let us share the tremendous knowledge we have gained by working with thousands of leaders in highly successful leadership programs over the years.

Together, we will select a variety of blended learning methods including in-person 1:1 meetings, online assessments, phone/video coaching sessions, readings, role plays and more to focus on your specific vision, needs, and leadership challenges.

Discover a new appreciation of your leadership strengths and explore exactly what you need to do to grow as a leader and get the results you desire. We’ll keep you on track as you practice your new approaches until they become your first way of responding. In just three months you will see small changes in the way you lead and interact with people that will bring about big results in improved relationships, clearer communication, team collaboration, and goals and metrics met or exceeded.

Elements of the 1:1 Leadership Challenge

  • Brief phone consult to determine if this is the right fit for you (no charge)
  • In-person* meeting to build rapport, get to know one another, and discuss goals
  • Custom 360° leadership assessment and interpretation session
  • Strength based leadership and/or leadership styles assessment
  • Readings and personalized instruction on key leadership concepts.
  • Leadership development plan with goals, structured practice, and coaching
  • Real-time feedback and guidance on your new approaches to leading people

The 1:1 Leadership Challenge involves a minimum of six one-hour coaching sessions over a three to six month period. 

Who is this program designed for?

This new approach to leadership development is excellent for new leaders in any field, experienced leaders and managers who have just taken on more responsibility, and business owners seeking to …

  • Build high performing teams for better results
  • Improve listening and communication
  • Delegate more effectively
  • Inspire others to take on a growth mindset
  • Use 1:1 meetings to improve performance and more

We’ll model excellent coaching so you can immediately begin to help your direct reports and leaders grow and develop using the same tools and approaches.

Take the challenge!

  Joe Blotnick

Joe Blotnick

Contact us to setup a free 15 minute consult to discuss your situation, your leadership challenges, and how our program can take you to the next level of leadership effectiveness.