Engineers are leaders. "A 2012 study of 36 million Facebook profiles found that 3,337 company founders and CEOs across all industries hold an advanced degree in engineering compared to 1,016 with advanced business degrees." It's an often overlooked fact that many of the most successful leaders from Thomas Edison to Bill Gates are engineers first. 

Leadership for Technical Professionals is a highly engaging and interactive course that focuses on the people skills needed to be a successful in any organization where research, development, engineering, or computer-related technology developments are key. 

We become experts at the things we practice over and over again. Engineers, architects, and IT professionals spend inordinate amounts of time researching, analyzing, learning, and practicing innovative and futuristic thinking. They are disciplined, deliberate in their work, and have a great sense of responsibility and achievement. These hard-earned skills help bring about well-deserved success in their field. However, as Marshall Goldsmith explains in his book What Got You Here Won't Get You There, to become a leader in a technical field, one needs to develop a whole different set of interpersonal skills in communication, relationship building, and team building.

Today's technical professionals are not individual contributors. They work as members of dynamic, interdisciplinary project teams. To truly excel, one must not only get the science and details right, but work with production, sales and marketing, customer service, and top management to bring dreams to reality. Given that technical experts have their analytical skills down, this course focuses on the people skills and the principles of leadership one needs to achieve success in the business world. It helps engineers, architects, and others identify their personal leadership strengths and limitations using time-tested behavioral assessments and actual feedback from their colleagues in the workplace. Technical professionals are often pleasantly surprised to learn that leadership principles have emerged from a great deal of human behavior research.

To ensure that our training results in professional growth, we provide a 360 degree leadership assessment and follow-up over the course of a year with the help of an external coach. Participants solicit advice and perspectives from their closest coworkers to ensure that the leadership changes they set out to make are having a positive effect. Investing in your growth as a leader now will yield excellent returns throughout your career.

“The institute helped me remove my focused glasses and look at people and situations from varying positions. Perspective is extremely powerful; understanding and using as many perspectives as possible prior to launching a decision is most useful.”
— Jim Edmonston, Process Engineer, Corhart Refractories
“Gerri and Joe were excellent facilitators. They were dynamic. They made you think while still having fun. The session was energizing and helped me get to know my colleagues better.”
— Alison Honey, Product Planning Specialist, Taminco
“Overall great experience. Have attended similar training in the past, which was all theory with no practical examples. This training was more suited to the individual. Actual challenges in the work place were modeled and solutions offered.”
— Doug Miesner, Engineer, Saint-Gobain