Changing one's leadership ability takes time, practice, follow through and good coaching. Let's get started.

For over 20 years, Team New England has been opening eyes and fostering a growth mindset in thousands of leaders through programs based on the latest brain research. We help leaders discover their full potential, build relationships, and engage in meaningful dialogue with their direct reports, peers, and others - in ways that respects their deep well of work and life experience and their own ability to grow and improve their performance. Let us engage you in a process of growth where you will experience yourself as the leader you want to be.

Developing Leadership Talent

Using the latest research in neuroscience, we develop highly interactive programs with follow through that inspire leaders to discover and utilize their strengths to increase employee engagement and instill a growth mindset in their organization.

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What makes our team experiences so successful is that we gather crucial information about the team beforehand and facilitate a process where everyone shares their perspective on the survey results and participates fully in defining the opportunities for success.

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1:1 leadership Challenge  New!!

Improve your leadership fast with a personalized one on one coaching and development process with our highly experienced team as your mentors. Let us share the tremendous knowledge we have gained by working with thousands of leaders in highly successful leadership programs over the years. 

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Discover and learn to use your key leadership strengths more effectively. By focusing on your strengths and those of others, you will learn to build winning teams with a diversity of strengths to increase employee engagement and achieve greater results.

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Our easy-to-use and affordable 360 online surveys are the most powerful way to quickly gather valuable perspectives on leadership performance by the people most affected by the way your supervisors and managers lead.  

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Our solutions based coaching reinforces positive habits based on your personal leadership strengths. Using a process of focus, action, and reflection and a simple, easy to remember leadership development plan, you will make small changes that bring about big results. 

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“Team New England planned and executed an excellent training and assessment for our staff. The were a pleasure to work with and helped design a survey instrument and program that was individually tailored to our needs. Joe and Jill’s enthusiasm was contagious and they managed to increase our awareness as well as inspire and motivate us!”
— Mary Colligan, National Marine Fisheries Service
“I came into this training with some preconceived notions on management development courses which was not positive. This course was totally different. I rate this as the best and most practically applicable training I have taken in 35 years of business.”
— Randy Schaeffer, Manager, Distribution N.A., Taminco

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