Executive Coaching

One common theme shines through all of the studies of successful leadership development efforts: follow through. We've learned that once a leader's awareness is heightened through our programs, their openness to growth and change is greatly improved. That's why we include follow-up coaching sessions and stay with each leader long enough to ensure that their newly acquired skills are put into practice and result in real behavior change.  

Our solutions based coaching reinforces positive habits based on your personal leadership strengths and people skills. Using a process of focus, action, and reflection and a simple, easy to remember leadership development plan, you will make small changes that bring about big results. 

Beyond the coaching relationship, actual feedback and suggestions from your immediate co-workers will help you ground your growth process. Our online 360 leadership assessments provide a mechanism to keep it interactive. We encourage leaders to discuss their goals with their boss and/or colleagues. The more everyone knows where you are headed, the more quickly you’ll get there.