Bring Your Leadership to Light

Welcome to Team New England’s new leadership blog. Leadership is a hidden gem inside of all of us that is waiting to be brought out into full daylight. We all lead our own lives and most of us have been pretty good at that considering the complexity of today’s rapidly changing world. Yet so many people think that true leaders are few and far between. Admittedly, if you follow the news, it is sometimes hard to find great examples of truly awesome leadership! But the reality, not covered by the news, is that millions of people exemplify excellent leadership everyday. 

I’ve have the great opportunity to work closely with and get to know thousands of aspiring, accomplished, hard-working, committed, passionate leaders in five-day residential leadership institutes over the past 20 years. And the vast majority, once exposed to their own unique set of leadership attributes and the beauty of how the human mind presents itself in so many distinctly original forms, gets excited about their potential to influence others towards their desired goals and to become even better leaders. 

In one of Paul Simon’s greatest albums, he writes “The thought that life can be better is indelibly written into our hearts and our brains.” It’s that quest for improving ourselves, our work, our organizations, and our world that motivates the leader within. One of my key goals is to get people to recognize that leadership development cannot be learned in a two-day course, it’s an ongoing, life-long learning process. New challenges, new ways of working together, and new ways of being emerge with every new generation. A leader needs flexibility. 

Perhaps, the most meaningful feedback we’ve received from participants in our courses over the years is that they have increased their ability to be more responsive ("response ability") to each and every different person they work with and different situation that arises. When a leader gets how you learn, what you need, and what special gifts you have to offer, it opens up a wide door of personal and professional growth opportunities, and can unleash your desire to fully engage in your work. Multiply that tenfold and you’ve got a business that is going somewhere fast. 

I’m excited about taking on the project of sharing pieces of the leadership puzzle that I and other colleagues having been learning along the way with you. Stay tuned for our next piece on Leadership for Engineers, Nerds, Geeks and the people who have to work with them. 

Joe Blotnick, President, Team New England Associates, Inc. 
Originally Posted 11/22/2013