360 Degree Feedback

Feedback from colleagues provides a powerful incentive for leadership growth. Get feedback fast!

Online 360 Degree feedback gathers valuable perspectives on leadership performance from those most affected by the way your supervisors and managers lead. Most online surveys focus on numerical ratings, more often reflecting the rater's bias rather than the performance of the person being rated.  Our custom surveys provide detailed narrative comments on what the leader is doing well, and what actions and behaviors will help them grow.

Easy-to-use and affordable 360 online surveys yield impressive results. Both numerical ratings and constructive comments on observable leadership skills are presented in colorful reports. Our 20/20 Insight Gold software allows us to efficiently manage the whole process from survey design to pre-post comparison reports.

Get Feedback Fast
We'll help you design a custom online survey and get a minimum 80% response rate within 3 weeks, an investment that can lead to 5-10% higher productivity from a whole department.

The Original
20/20 Insight Gold helped define the process of 360 degree feedback as we know it today winning the Human Resource Executive Magazine's " Best New Human Resource Product" Award years ago. Since then, more than 2,500 organizations have used 20/20 Insight Gold to gather performance feedback about individuals, teams or the entire organization.